Question Everything, Believe Nothing.

Ever since I can recall, I have treated things with ‘reserved skepticism’ – believing nothing and questioning everything, albeit passively: I will do as I do and not impose my views on people. Until it really blows up and people start shoving propaganda down my throat, or people very close to me are believing misconceptions about things – I will show them my research and my own discoveries. I want to believe people and what they tell me, although I will simply not allow for the metaphorical wool to be pulled over my eyes.

This happens often but one example today really hit me, with a girl from my school who I don’t particularly like to begin with. Out of nowhere she started discussing how Taurine – you know the active ingredient in energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull for example – is bull sperm. Now, this rumour is very, very old. I immediately told her that it’s not true and that it’s been debunked long ago, but she continued to show me some propaganda, having pulled it from Facebook. This immediately rings alarm bells. The whole concept of “It’s on Facebook so it must be true!” and if I dare question it, I’m wrong, clearly. I corrected one of the images she showed me as it said it was from bull sperm. Nope, a mere few seconds of research will show you that Taurine is actually found in the intestines of the bull – and even in we humans, too. Although, that doesn’t even come into play, as it is synthesised in a laboratory (a further few minutes of research will teach you this). I’m tired of these baseless rumours and pseudo science that make it big on social media. These people who brainlessly read and repeat it become ambassadors for it and they get defensive if you disagree with them. What is this black magic? I don’t know
but it’s really fucking annoying. Even logic dictates that it’d be far cheaper to synthesise this acid yourself, than to physically extract it from a bull. Even that mental imagery is absurd. You’ve got to be tripping.

Of course, however, I am wrong. I was told that she knows what she’s talking about because she has two jobs in the food industry – as if that qualifies anything she says. Oh yes, of course, I cannot say what I have for I do not work in that industry. The person that relies on Facebook and its minions to do her thinking for her because she said: “I have a life and no time to research things like that.” must be correct because she works with food, completely unrelated of course to the initial subject. I am wrong, simply because I disagree and don’t have a job – of course. Logic defeats bullshit and hysteria. I think that was more of a personal attack on me and more to do with the fact she has some sort of problem with self acceptance or some such bollocks. Thing is, she’s always had it in for me – a very bitter and sore person, whom I won’t name, for it isn’t even worth it. There have been many instances where she’s clearly had some pent up rage for myself, though I won’t go into great detail about that specifically now.

I brought up the fact that we, in the European Union, have such a thing called food standards and this did seem to rile her up about it. She was being all defensive, calling me out for talking to her like she was stupid or something – when I was genuinely reassuring my point with it (Do not get me started on this person and their work, they have that stinking self-righteous attitude where they go on and on about their work when they could just quit if they hate it, but expects everyone to worship them for it). I then asked her why, if she cares about what goes into food so much, that she works at McDonalds when they clearly do not have the best history for food quality and sources. Maybe she just believes what they say as well?

Red Bull, although being the precursor to methamphetamine, does not contain bull sperm. Go on and crack a can open!

It really annoys me when people allude to wholly unrelated cases to prove theirpoints, like she did. She brought up the horse meat scandal and said about how it wouldn’t surprise her if the bull sperm thing was true because of it. Oh yes, of course, because one thing happened without enough scrutiny it automatically means that everything else must be true. Catastrophising, much?

People like herself always want something to be wrong. She told me that she doesn’t even drink the things because of the sugar and caffeine – I told her that it mustn’t help her OCD, at which point she told me to not talk about her OCD because it makes her defensive. I know a lot about OCD, let’s put it that way. She can stop playing the victim and start facing up to her stupid claims. She also mentioned the thing that a lot of vegans were reposting about puss being in milk. Yes, and I’m sure you’re aware you eat tonnes of mites when you eat cheese too, or that you’re eating chicken ova when you eat eggs. Aren’t
those things of the same calibre? Why act so shocked? Oh, because a big deal about it was made on social media. Fuck you.

She then plucked at straws, saying that she was simply looking out for me. Can’t know me that well. If there is something I do, it’s be apprehensive about pretty much everything. My over-thinking brings positives, because I research the fuck out what I’m doing. I know what I put in my mouth – yes it’s not all good, but I’m aware of it. I know when I’m not being lied to as well as when I am being lied to: if not, the truth always comes out – it’s just a matter of time.

I suppose the moral of this is question everything, believe nothing. This is something my Dad has always stuck by. He’s more of a logical thinker than I am, but I have been passed on many of his traits in the same way I have from my mother. This is one of those invaluable ones.

Also, for the love of goodness…
Don’t listen to the propaganda that is fed to you, be it on TV, in the newspaper, social media, word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself and contrary belief, if you’re pissing people off, good.

On another note, does it annoy you that some people think you have to go on about your strife and issues for them to count? This is another thing that annoys me about this person in particular. Feel free to leave your opinions and examples. I don’t go around telling everyone my problems: that does not mean, however, I don’t have any.



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