Young People, Media, Fickle Minds, General Ranting.

Thanks to the rudeness of other people in my generation, the whole generation is stereotyped for being rowdy and bad mannered. Still, that kind of prejudice is wrong so the older generation is no better, then. The idea of my generation is that they’re rude, loud-mouthed, slang-speaking, impolite apes obsessed with newfangled technology, getting pregnant at a young age and expecting for the world to be handed on a plate to them. Sadly, I know of many people of my generation who perfectly fit that stereotype. Then again, stereotypes are similar of all generations. Our grandparents would’ve been the exact same about our parents, but instead of people being addicted to phones it’d be shock about listening to different types of new an controversial music or something like that. Also, every generation creates slang words. Language evolves. If you freeze language, it dies and gets replaced. Vides quid dicam?

A criticism which is quite common about young people now is their obsession with their cellular devices – ‘that’s me phone m8’ – and lack of interest in real social interaction, or the fact they have to ‘take a selfie’ before they go out and post it to the entire world for them to sit and look and be jealous at about how much of a better life they’re having, or something. I don’t think that’s the actual result, though. Take a selfie? Why don’t you suck your selfie. I’ve never seen the point in showing off about what you get up to in your spare time. Tell your mates, your family, show the photos. Surely it’s no different to posting on the Internet? But… it is.

On the Internet, no matter whom you are, you develop an ego which isn’t quite like how you are in person. You may be quiet and studious in person but extraverted and cocky online – or the inverse, or anything. When people post photos online, with their often narcissistic comments about being fabulous, it’s clear the intention is to not simply show that they had a good time at a concert, or restaurant.When I go to restaurants with Alicja we take photos of course, but for our own personal memories. We don’t feel the need to post it online and show it off to the world – we think that surely it undermines it. If you’re posting something online to show others you have a life, through the fact you went to so much effort to make it look like you have a life, you clearly don’t. Also, don’t you think that it’s ruined the moment? Sorry, you missed a cute moment because you were tapping away to say you were at a certain place, posting your location online (I don’t understand that either, do you not find it satisfying sometimes to think that most people don’t know where you are?!) which is just questionable. I find bliss in being off-the-grid. No I am not scared that I am going to be stalked.

The world is a harsh place, but the media people so incessantly get sucked into would have everyone living and working at home – ordering groceries on the Internet and socialising online too, so nobody ever had to go outside (or to the ‘outernet’) and get ill or get ridiculed or God forbid a stranger talks to you. No, it’s better if you stay at home and tell the time with your Apple watch, call your friends on your Apple phone and go on Facebook too, make sure you get live updates from Twitter while you use Google and YouTube to learn everything, going on Amazon to buy all your goods. Living in the capitalists’ pockets. Maybe I’m thinking about it in an extreme way, but to me I think it is an extreme problem that we will, if not are facing, face in the future. We live in an age where you have to know where everyone is all the time and what they’re doing. It’s instantaneous. Quickly, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

The other day I overheard a conversation about how Blackberries are dead, but I remember a time when that was the craze. Now it’s uncool to be seen with one – immediately you are socially irrelevant if you have one. Can you imagine this happening to people who own an iPhone? Maybe you can’t, but I promise you in the future it’s going to happen. Do you remember when iPhones were just for self important business people? Now they’re for all self important people in general! Joking aside, people need some serious help. Read a book, go outside, find a real hobby.

I kind of lost the thread here but I think some of my opinions are portrayed nicely. Also, apologies for not writing in a long time. I’ve been writing but I just haven’t been publishing: Many more posts are coming shortly!


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