Today, a little leaflet on cheap, toxic card was posted through the letterbox. “Here’s what the experts say about the EU referendum:” I browsed the little testimonials. One of the so-called experts was Richard Branson. Immediately, I can’t take their other ‘experts’ seriously as they classed Richard Branson as an expert. How is he? He’s a successful businessman but does that make him a political pragmatist? I wouldn’t have thought so, unless you live in America where business and politics look as if they go hand-in-hand nowadays.

All of this talk of the EU referendum really annoys me. To be honest with you, I can see reasons why both are quite appealing. Leaving the EU means the UK spends less money on nations that don’t give it all back – apparently £350 million goes to Belgium each week. The eagerness exerted from other nations for the UK to stay in the union shows to me that they’re a little concerned over money: It’s a bit selfish, to say the least. Staying in means EU security and trade continuing as it is now. I don’t think it’ll make too much of a drastic effect either way if we stay or leave but of course, people will bitch and moan about not getting what they wanted. Foreign nationals living in the UK will need a UK passport or they may have to go back to their country of origin, I didn’t say home, because many people found ‘home’ in the UK – stable work, more freedom, safety, etc.

It’s got to a point where I don’t want to vote at all. I honestly don’t care. It annoys me. The same goes for voting for political parties. You get the brigade going “If you don’t vote you can’t complain.” but I think that’s just bullshit. Who do you vote for if you dislike them all? The one you agree with most. It’s significantly difficult though, when all of the political parties in your country are basically… neo-liberal. There’s no such thing as a right-wing party in the UK. There’s the pretense of some. Even the Conservatives are pretty socialist in some of their policies. To me, all of the politicians in the UK appear incompetent and I notice how they utilise upspeak, to make what they say appear legitimate and trustworthy – when actually it’s often full of lie and half-truth. There’s also the fact that the government are now putting things in their policies I really don’t think should be part of party policy. I feel like the country is becoming ever more socialist, but that isn’t good. Socialism and National Socialism are both socialism – and socialism, from what we’ve seen endless times in history, does not work.

Everyone looks at the bigger picture but fails to look at the details. What difference does it make to many of us? Probably a lot less than the bankers, who want to protect their precious slips of paper with the Queen on. Yes, I’m talking about money.

It’s completely inappropriate to talk of a referendum now anyway, because of the current climate in world affairs. There’s too much going on, it just seems bad mannered to talk about leaving the EU when it faces many problems right now: ISIS, the migrant crisis. Then again, being bad mannered is something I worry about too much. I am English. I won’t get started on the migrant crisis, but I must say each nation has its own problems it needs to deal with first before helping others. Charity starts at home – you cannot help others if you cannot help yourself. Or something like that.