Your complex ain’t my problem, mate.

Based on recent events and more general stuff. – Daniel

the title of the post does not equate to a title

They teach you to stay silent when someone does wrong,
Keep calm and don’t ever respond.
They might knife you, you could end up dead!
What about the pain of letting evil let slip, when you lay in bed?
It doesn’t matter if it’s vocal or a physical shot,
whether they insult your core values or not.
There are some things you cannot ignore outright.
When someone goes against your fundamental human rights.
Whether alone or in a pair or group.
Never let anyone threaten what makes you, you.
They tell you to grow a layer of thick skin.
It’s something I always had from the beginning.
But is it not more a sign of conformity,
to just ignore this behaviour and let it flourish definitely?
A big bold man, looking for a fight.
His ratty spouse, sparking the fuel with a light.
I simply don’t have a sense of humour.
I don’t find it funny, this societal tumour.
And neither did She, not her, but my love.
Why do you have to sugarcoat a punch with a glove?
Why is it so bad to speak out your mind?
Threats of physical violence can make people blind.
Why are we the ones to be in the wrong,
because a buffoon wanted to prove he was strong
Saying things like I should watch her mouth?
She is not my property, are you challenged down south?
To be that simple minded causing fights with whoever,
when we were just outside – simply enjoying the weather?
Drunken, you go along, slurring and swearing. Threatening.
I ask you to mind your own damn business and almost choking.
Why do I feel this way? You took away our human right.
To just be free, safe and enjoy the night.
The authority seems to be no help at all.
If I was brown or black they’d be here at my beck and call.
But I’m white, I take it on the cheek, good Christian and that.
I am not allowed to complain about what makes me feel attacked.
Well, I don’t apologise for standing my ground.
You ask me to remember where I am – England, my friend, and proud.
This is where I was born and raised,
“Yank” you mutter under your drunken breath irate.
“Well spoken Englishman” is what you mean, my friend.
Something in your circles, you can’t comprehend.
I have lived here all my life,
and your instinct is to make some sort of national strife?
Sexism and attempted racism in the same instance,
Why don’t you keep your distance.
And stay away from me.
You’re the kind of people who make me want to hide away, you see.
I love this town, or at least used to.
Now, just full of chavs ready to abuse you.
May I quoth something wise of disputed origin,
words of wisdom I hope you may forage in.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil,
is for good men to do nothing and watch the primeval.