A Suicidal Matter

There is no glory in suicide.

There is no honour in suicide.

From me, there is no sympathy if someone decides to commit suicide.

You may think that’s a little bit heartless of me to say, but I have my reasons. To be honest with you, I think they’re a damn sight better than the reasons why suicide has become so ‘acceptable’ in society. Suicide as a sacrifice is a waste of life, absolutely nothing is worth killing yourself over, that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. You may romanticise it though and think self sacrifice is a gesture beyond comprehension – well yes, because I used to think like that whenever I saw something of the kind:

“Oh he sacrificed himself to save her.”

Fucking save it, “her” life would’ve been ruined. One is better than none but two is better than one alone. Do I really have to spell it out that it’s fucking selfish to commit suicide and all attempts to justify it are beyond pathetic?

People need to learn to face their responsibilities. This is true for pretty much every case of suicide I can think of. Life isn’t easy for anybody who is a real person.

The amount of cases I’ve heard of kids committing suicide usually out of embarrassment is ridiculous. And the people that commit suicide are never painted as the ones as having done wrong. It’s unthinkable to do that, surely, how heartless, how unfair on the families. Well no, if you think about it, to commit suicide out of embarrassment you will have obviously had to have put yourself in that situation.

Let’s use an example, a boy on Ask.fm, that cancerous FormSpring.me copycat full of 8 year old death metal scenekids, allegedly did some kinky shit on webcam for some trolololols pretending to be a Q T girl the same age. Threats were later made that the ‘evidence’ was to be released if he did not carry on doing things for said trolololols. If the boy was smart, and knew not to be so trusting of people online – this wouldn’t have even happened in the first place. If he was smart he would’ve refused doing anything unless he knew the person was authentic. This is uncomfortable for me to even type, this is just common sense. And instead of persecuting something like bullying and threatening, which you can do pretty much nothing to effectively police online – you should just EDUCATE people to an adequate level. It’s literally the same story for Amanda Todd, who had even more sympathy, being a girl and all “not her fault.” Yeah yeah, paedophiles are dangerous monsters but being an idiot is also dangerous, even if you’re not a monster.

Suicide is beyond selfish and really is the coward’s way out.

Every attempt to tell someone “you don’t know their story” well, I doubt they do too. Why isn’t it seen as wrong that people are effectively saying it’s not okay to criticise suicidees of their poorly informed decision.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

But for fuck’s sake, if your best friend is going to commit suicide don’t sit and daydream about how dignified it was and how “they didn’t want the pain anymore.”

Kick them up the arse, help them out and start being a true, supportive friend. People need to become smarter and help prevent things like this from even happening in the first place, not letting it happen then using it to empower whatever you want to use it against, like “we need to stop bullying hurdur they killed themself” things like bullying are unfortunately a part of nature and are seen everywhere. We have to teach and spread awareness so people can protect themselves – so, like I said, things like this don’t happen. Asking a serial murderer to stop murdering won’t work, but you can teach people not to go to certain places where the bodies are being found.



Europe’s in a right Islamic State.

I was going to take my time to formulate a very long post covering the matter of immigration to Europe, regarding namely the Syrian asylum seekers.

However it has got to a point where I have to be direct, concise and straight to the point because talking about it in length is not good enough. The message to me now is in fact very clear.

Europe should not be taking any asylum seekers from the Middle East.

The insurmountable amount of “white guilt” on we Europeans is unreal, and it makes me laugh because white guilt was invented by those that hate whites and European cultures, in order for people to play on our sympathy so we treat other races better for things people that shared the same colour skin as us did way before our time.

Whites were slaves too, lest we forget! Before blacks. Whites were slaves to Arabs, don’t your remember the Barbary Corsairs? I do.


The white slaves of Barbary, which you won’t ever be taught about in socialist curriculum schools like every single one in the UK.

It is not racism to fear mass immigration. It is especially not racist to be critical of a religion, which so many preach to be one of “peace” however all the evidence stacks up against it. So many people will say that the KKK was Christian but they didn’t represent all Christians. Yes, but how seriously do other Christians take the KKK? I like the effective analogy but, I’m sorry, the KKK is nowhere near the same as the tryanny of ISIS. It is clear, all over social media – even in Europe Muslims are posting pro-ISIS propaganda. Nobody says a word. They are too scared of appearing racist.

Europe owes the Middle East nothing.

I don’t remember Europe ever signing something saying they have a teat for the rest of the worse-off world to suck on and dry of all its nutrients and life. We have it bad too in Europe, believe me. In my opinion as long as there is a single homeless person in the UK we should NOT consider any refugee. Certainly not a military aged single man.



By what grounds is this being established? Ah yes, Allah’s. Muslims have the Allah-given right to overthrow the law of the land. Well Odin gives me the european right to banish you? No.

The amount of terror attacks we hear about now is simply disgusting. Everyone is so desensitised to it though and I think that’s really the point of it. It doesn’t surprise me anymore, and I am very sensitive, empathic usually. Obviously not all refugees are bad – it’d be generalising but when the evidence stacks up and the fact little is being done about any of it, then it’s not fair that we are taking these people in at all…

Why don’t other Arab nations take refugees?

Because they’re fucking animals!

If an Arab country, with more in common with Syria in terms of culture, tradition and religion, won’t take the Syrian refugees then, quite plainly, why the fuck should any European nation when Europe is significantly alien to most Arabs – a complete culture shock.

And, instead of integrating, Muslims often segregate themselves. Look at Sweden. Look at Germany, kids are being bullied for not being Muslim to the point where they are being beaten up. Look at the tension happening in the UK right now, with Muslims protesting against freedom of speech and shouting “death to all police” when the freedom of speech is what allows them to do that in the first place. Trying to establish no kissing zones and no music zones. You have to adapt to the law of the land.

If I lived in Saudi Arabia, I would not be permitted alcohol. If I was caught with it, I would be whipped. Living there I would know the law of the land and would have to face the charges.

But no, this hypocrisy shows, because a Muslim is allowed to overtake the law of the land in order to establish Allah’s ideals there. Also, what kind of religion has a doctrine of deception? For those of you whom don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Taqqiya. Muslims are permitted, by the holy book which doesn’t have a fucking standard spelling anywhere, to deceive people in order for them to be converted to Islam. What kind of religion is based on deception? One based on a false prophet. One organised by a fallen angel… A demon.

Can you really tell me Islam is a religion of peace when the countries that are majority-Muslim have some of the highest rates of the worst crimes humanity knows? Really, in what kind of barbaric “society” is a homosexual person beaten with a stick until his fucking skin peels away? A very barbaric one. Women are stoned for being raped? Not only is that illogical, it’s fucking insulting to the moral people of the world. I don’t really agree with homosexuality but I tolerate it and wouldn’t treat a homosexual person any differently for their way. That is subhuman. It is fascist. To the utmost extent.

“But that’s not all Muslims.”

But it is in Muslim-majority and Muslim culture countries. Moderate Muslims seem to have mostly Christian and European morals, to be honest, they have been Westernised. And no, Westernism doesn’t mean decadance or ignorance. All humans have the capacity to be decadent and ignorant.



Notice how one of the placques says “BBC = British Blasphemic Crusaders” when they, like the rest of British media, usually bend over backwards to appease Muslims and “diversity.”

This ideological tit-for-tat is driving me fucking crazy and I don’t understand how many more people must die in order for Europe to wake up and realise Islam is not European, not compatable with European ideology, it is malevolent, harmful and that multi-culti (multiculturalism) has FAILED.



I’ve heard people say Shariah law wouldn’t even be that bad, but they need to remember: The UK does not have any religion in mind when it comes to politics, anywamore. Religion has no place in parliamental decisions anymore, unless you regard ethical decisions as being Christian – well, that’s just being a good person anyway. Shariah as it is in the middle east? Hell no. Literally: Hell? No.

The people who want this to continue are:

  • Socialists, who are too bound by  white guilt causes to think straight.
  • Muslims, moderate and extreme.
  • Capitalists, who profit from it.

Thank you,


(I am willing to discuss further with anyone who believes this isn’t sufficient enough. I am full of evidence.)

nothing important

Leave this circus,

and its unholy tour.

Same shit different day,

but no Yossarian, no Orr.

No escape from this Catch 22

The others problems,

well, they’re all because of you.


they said it:

It must be true!

Or so, that’s what they say.

Don’t go to sleep – prolong the day.

Tomorrow will repeat anyway.

Accusation upon accusation

Every last assumption

and every last leap

to every last conclusion

A disgusting fusion,

of misunderstanding, confusion.

Stand up for yourself, but how can you.

When they’ve chipped away at all,

and devalued ‘staying true’.

Your worries amount to nout,

voice unheard, although you shout!

Nobody acknowledges your strife,

because your life, isn’t their life.

It’s twisted, they think you’re bad.

But really, is it so mad?

To not want,

to relive the same day on repeat?

I’m taking my life back, in this retreat.

Don’t be surprised when it ends-

oh why, why, did it all twist and bend?

You have to make the change yourself.

Daunting I know, but good for health.

Nobody is going to do,

what you want them to.

You have to be,


the change in this world

that you want to see.


Written now, by me. – Danny B.


Voyeurism on Speed

Here you go, written just now….

By me, Danny.


Fuck your TV,

it’s voyeurism on speed.

The centre of modern family life,

but cause of all kinds of strife.

Nobody need talk any more,

watch teen bitches act like whores.

Hush up, I’m trying to listen.

Don’t those 4k OLED HD pixels glisten?

Stop talking and pay more attention.

More indoctrination than I could mention.

I paid a lot for this set, how ungrateful can you be?

Look, son, look! She has her tits out for the nation to see!

Showing the life you could have, making you depressed.

Fed up, it makes you cry, but you still watch, stressed.

Hey did you see [random celebrity] too?

Obsessing over fake lives, but look where it got you…

I fantasise about creeping in the night,

pussyfooting, to do something I feel right.

Tiptoe down wooden steps, hammer in hand.

Put an end to the colour sucking machine so bland.

One brutal strike in its sleeping black screen,

the projector of filth and all things obscene.

Cracked glass falling to the floor,

no more red button to press if you want more!

For having different opinions they laugh at me,

but I laugh at them, all grouchy, when they have no TV.

It’s not addictive they say,

mind melted away after viewing all day.

Oi you, put it back on Channel 4, wait your turn!

Everybody loves the lunatic’s lantern.