nothing important

Leave this circus,

and its unholy tour.

Same shit different day,

but no Yossarian, no Orr.

No escape from this Catch 22

The others problems,

well, they’re all because of you.


they said it:

It must be true!

Or so, that’s what they say.

Don’t go to sleep – prolong the day.

Tomorrow will repeat anyway.

Accusation upon accusation

Every last assumption

and every last leap

to every last conclusion

A disgusting fusion,

of misunderstanding, confusion.

Stand up for yourself, but how can you.

When they’ve chipped away at all,

and devalued ‘staying true’.

Your worries amount to nout,

voice unheard, although you shout!

Nobody acknowledges your strife,

because your life, isn’t their life.

It’s twisted, they think you’re bad.

But really, is it so mad?

To not want,

to relive the same day on repeat?

I’m taking my life back, in this retreat.

Don’t be surprised when it ends-

oh why, why, did it all twist and bend?

You have to make the change yourself.

Daunting I know, but good for health.

Nobody is going to do,

what you want them to.

You have to be,


the change in this world

that you want to see.


Written now, by me. – Danny B.



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