A Suicidal Matter

There is no glory in suicide.

There is no honour in suicide.

From me, there is no sympathy if someone decides to commit suicide.

You may think that’s a little bit heartless of me to say, but I have my reasons. To be honest with you, I think they’re a damn sight better than the reasons why suicide has become so ‘acceptable’ in society. Suicide as a sacrifice is a waste of life, absolutely nothing is worth killing yourself over, that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. You may romanticise it though and think self sacrifice is a gesture beyond comprehension – well yes, because I used to think like that whenever I saw something of the kind:

“Oh he sacrificed himself to save her.”

Fucking save it, “her” life would’ve been ruined. One is better than none but two is better than one alone. Do I really have to spell it out that it’s fucking selfish to commit suicide and all attempts to justify it are beyond pathetic?

People need to learn to face their responsibilities. This is true for pretty much every case of suicide I can think of. Life isn’t easy for anybody who is a real person.

The amount of cases I’ve heard of kids committing suicide usually out of embarrassment is ridiculous. And the people that commit suicide are never painted as the ones as having done wrong. It’s unthinkable to do that, surely, how heartless, how unfair on the families. Well no, if you think about it, to commit suicide out of embarrassment you will have obviously had to have put yourself in that situation.

Let’s use an example, a boy on Ask.fm, that cancerous FormSpring.me copycat full of 8 year old death metal scenekids, allegedly did some kinky shit on webcam for some trolololols pretending to be a Q T girl the same age. Threats were later made that the ‘evidence’ was to be released if he did not carry on doing things for said trolololols. If the boy was smart, and knew not to be so trusting of people online – this wouldn’t have even happened in the first place. If he was smart he would’ve refused doing anything unless he knew the person was authentic. This is uncomfortable for me to even type, this is just common sense. And instead of persecuting something like bullying and threatening, which you can do pretty much nothing to effectively police online – you should just EDUCATE people to an adequate level. It’s literally the same story for Amanda Todd, who had even more sympathy, being a girl and all “not her fault.” Yeah yeah, paedophiles are dangerous monsters but being an idiot is also dangerous, even if you’re not a monster.

Suicide is beyond selfish and really is the coward’s way out.

Every attempt to tell someone “you don’t know their story” well, I doubt they do too. Why isn’t it seen as wrong that people are effectively saying it’s not okay to criticise suicidees of their poorly informed decision.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

But for fuck’s sake, if your best friend is going to commit suicide don’t sit and daydream about how dignified it was and how “they didn’t want the pain anymore.”

Kick them up the arse, help them out and start being a true, supportive friend. People need to become smarter and help prevent things like this from even happening in the first place, not letting it happen then using it to empower whatever you want to use it against, like “we need to stop bullying hurdur they killed themself” things like bullying are unfortunately a part of nature and are seen everywhere. We have to teach and spread awareness so people can protect themselves – so, like I said, things like this don’t happen. Asking a serial murderer to stop murdering won’t work, but you can teach people not to go to certain places where the bodies are being found.



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