Fuck the Left. (part one of however many I feel like)

If you support any TV personalities,
you are simply not an Anarchist.
If you say shit like “Free Palestine”
you are not anti-Islamophobic,
you are supporting a truly misogynistic and homophobic doctrine. (For example “Queers for Palestine”, are you ridiculous?)
If you are anti Trump,
you are not anti racist, anti homophobic.
You are an establishment following shill,
who supports Hillary Clinton and her tyranny, worship to organisations and the corrupt elite.

Would you rather vote for an honest arsehole or a lying, deceitful shill?

Or vote at all?

Don’t you realise it’s all a fix?

Media is all propaganda and lies. The more popular it is, the more people that follow it, the more rights it has to be questioned in my personal opinion.
If you are left wing…
…and you are from America or Britain…

Part of the “Stay in EU” white knight brigade…

There’s a high chance that…
…they want you to be that way.

I am sick of the left wing and how “Anarchy” and “Anarchistic ideas” are, predominantly, parented by the leftist school of thought.

Anarchism and its true freedom allows for all opinions and views to be expressed on a level playing field. We do not have that in the United Kingdom, no matter what peace loving hippies say. The left wing will allow free speech until you attack something they hold dear. If you slate the right wing then they are your friend; attack them and you are “supporting the right wing.” or you’re brainwashed or something.

I obviously don’t speak for the entirety of the left wing, I used to consider myself pretty left wing until I realised that placing yourself on a frankly antiquated system – a line for fuck’s sake- to represent something that’s better represented by a compass, or how about this, just represented as is, and stop labeling people into black/white categories.

Here I’m not going to dictate what “Anarchism” is but I know it isn’t this “morals come first” hipster liberal fuckfest. The extreme liberals are simply just that, extreme and are no better than the right wing extremists that they always bash and compare to Nazis (another mistake is that they think National Social means Nazi and vice versa, not true…)


Antifa, Anti Racist Action and any other groups such as this are just as “Nazi” as the groups they oppose. It’s funny how the media BACKS these thugs, though. Quite actively as well.

As you may be aware as of this far, my blog is taking a different turn. I will oppose everything no matter who says it, if I disagree with it.

There’s more to come, maybe.

Fuck the Left, fuck mass illegal immigration, fuck Antifa.

Punks not Red.