Why Feminism is just a massive Feel Good Festival

When you read about Feminism in the 20th century, you have to say fair enough. A majority of the women fighting for Feminism back in those times had some incredibly justified causes and actually risked their lives fighting against an establishment that would not listen to them. However,  I think nowadays a lot of young, lazy “slacktivists” find it really easy to come up with five or so labels to brandish themselves (despite saying they hate labels and how they separate us) and play the victim card and instead of fighting for injustices they may face, they play the victim card over things that are often minor to major inconveniences and not, in any way, an indication of “patriarchy” or “oppression.”

What interests me is how, nowadays, all forms of activism have in effect all rolled into one. A prime example here is so-called “intersectional Feminism” and how people like Laci Green, of YouTube fame, speak with the assumption that intersectional Feminism is the correct Feminism, the most inclusive, the most moral. For example, I doubt you’d find a Feminist nowadays who doesn’t also support gay rights and environmental issues at the very least. In Social Media you certainly see people who don’t hesitate to tell you they’re vegan, pro-Palestine, liberal, LGBT supporting, Feminist, Green, anti-“Islamophobe” etc.

What makes me laugh is how these people often claim to want diversity in society and I totally agree, we certainly should have diversity in a society. Especially in the free world, where we actually can. Unlike in Muslim dominated countries for example, where Feminism is crushed, gays are killed, freedom of expression and speech doesn’t exist, Israelis are banned and so on… However, what many people call “diversity” is just not diversity at all. It’s anything but diversity, it’s unification. Social media and clever social engineering by people such as George Soros (if you’re not sure who he is I’ll write another post sometime because that’s an entirely different story) and other social “shapers” have created clones. They just happen to call themselves “progressive, liberal, atheist, LGBT supporting” etc. and they never hesitate to tell you. Identity politics has a stronghold on people, especially people in my generation and to be honest with you, it sucks. I’m white and male and for some people, that’s enough for them to make presumptions about me and call me all sorts of things I’m not. They advocate the destruction of racism, but why is it they’ll come to racist and even arguably heterophobic (if you want to play this game) assumptions about me. Does being white and straight mean my voice is less than yours? If so, how does that make you an egalitarian – someone who fights for equality? You’re being the same as the people you say you’re against, racists, homophobes, and so on. When you bring violence into it, you are often a lot worse than the people you are against. That’s what we see happening in the Middle East to gay people, being thrown off the roofs of buildings. It’s horrific. In the 70s many women in the Middle East marched to protest the hijab, nowadays, we in the free world protest in FAVOUR of the hijab. The horseshoe theory certainly exists.

If we are all equal and you want us to be equal, you cannot victimise yourself by saying someone else has privilege over you, in order to make your own points stronger.

As we saw in the Women’s March, there was a huge mixed bag of people joining in the protest, all with different causes. For me, it was actually difficult to narrow down what the march was in aid of. Feminism may be the obvious answer, but Antifa were there, Black Lives Matter and other groups that commit acts of terror. The media, overwhelmingly left wing and paid for by the likes of Soros and the other “social” elite with globalist aims, painted nothing but a heroic picture of the women who marched. It’s great they exercised their freedom of speech but I was disgusted at the quality of protest. It was abhorrent. It was mostly trashing Donald Trump, whom I don’t particularly like, but I don’t hate either. He’s a man, who has said things that people have seen as mean, but what bad has he truly done? Nothing. In the run up to the election all I saw was fear-mongering and smear campaigning, most of which just backfired. The latest sore spot is over Trump’s #MuslimBan which wasn’t a Muslim ban at all, if you actually read. It banned 7 Muslim-majority countries (but nowhere near all of them)  linked to terrorism. This seems to be a problem only when Trump enacts it, for some reason. <sarcasm> It isn’t as if Obama actually wrote that executive order or anything… and it isn’t like he’s banned citizens of certain countries entering the US before… </sarcasm>

I don’t agree with Feminists of today because they simply don’t fight for the kind of issues they claim to. I like to call myself an egalitarian because where I see injustice I want it to be right and I don’t pick my battles based on who it involves either. It’s an all-encompassing ideology. You can’t shy away from issues such as Female Genital Mutilation or Child Marriage just because the majority of people that do it are Muslim and you don’t want to be “Islamophobic.” There is no such crime as Islamophobia and in the free world we can criticise religions. Religions and cults have no rights of their own like people do, so we can talk about them in any manner we like. My policy is: Call it for what it is. If it isn’t right, I will speak up against it. I do support many Feminist issues, but not ones without proof. For example the gender wage gap. I would like someone to show me coherent evidence that it exists, taking into consideration working hours and job positions.

To conclude, modern Feminism and perhaps activism in general, is nothing more than a “Feel Good Festival” as my girlfriend has put it, about a vigil that happened at our university just a few days ago, with a similar theme. People have made it into a farce where they dress up like vaginas and demean their selves more than their so called oppressors. They shout absolute vile phrases and get their children to do it too. It’s not effective. It’s disgusting. Language is a blessing, use it to its full advantage. Standing shouting “Fuck Trump” with your bingo wings won’t help you. It just makes you look silly. The absolute brainwashing of children with these issues is bordering abuse too, but that’s for another post perhaps. It is truly shocking.


Haiku, an appreciation.

The other week, I went to Leamington with my girlfriend, my Mum and her friend. My first impression of the place was that I was far too proletariat, you know, working class to be there. It’s not like Northampton is, even their branch of the stationery shop “The Works” had a sign in a fancy font, unlike its usual bubbly and quirky brand identity. The streets were clean, the architecture wasn’t nearly as grey and dull as it is back home and to be honest the crisp, clean and fancy nature offended me. You wouldn’t have thought it is where it is, being neighboured by lesser reputable towns. The kind people like me are accustomed to.It was a good day all in all and we found a gem at a record shop, nice seeing as we’d been to a record market just an hour or so before and we were really disappointed. All the records were David Bowie, ACDC, Metallica, The Jam, stuff like that. Lame stuff most people regard as classic. It makes me laugh when people think music like that is some of the best in the world. The Beatles is the worst example of this and suckers like John Lennon. Maybe it’s just part of my personality that I can see those “heroes” for what they really are.

If you’re interested, the record we found was Mike and Rich’s Expert Knob Twiddlers. It was first released in 1996 but this is the 2016 repress with 7 new tracks. I’d heard this album before though not very intimately. You need to, I think, when you listen to this kind of music. It’s not the kind you can have on in the background although this album in particular is quite easily listening. It must be. My Mum even said so. That, and the fact my Dad didn’t ask me to turn the volume down. Hah…

Mike is Mike Paradinas also known as μ-Ziq (read Musique) and Rich is Richard D. James also known as Aphex Twin and a long list of other pseudonyms… Both need no introduction if you’re into electronic music, but not the “Intelligent Dance Music” or “dubstep” kind.

We were looking inside charity shops just before the end of our visit and I saw a book of Haiku poetry translated from Japanese to English. It was only a few pounds, so I thought I could only benefit from it. Alicja found a collection of poetry by Sylvia Plath, collected by Ted Hughes. We found it kind of funny but sad, also. Ted Hughes reminds me of a classic Onision type. If you’re not familiar with Onision don’t worry. You’ll benefit from not knowing. The less narcissistic, shallow, personality disordered YouTubers you know, the better.

The book of Haiku is really neatly presented, it has a few different categories in which the poems are sorted. Nature, Happiness, Phases of the Moon, Birds and Creatures are just a few of the different categories. I was reading Haiku poems are typically about nature in some way. I was inspired, so for fun I’ve been devising up my own.

Haiku, when in English, are usually in three lines. The first and last line are 5 syllables in length and the second line is 7 syllables. There’s no rhyming scheme, either. I like them because they force you to be economical and powerful with your words. It’s handy to write these as practice, because I usually have a waffling problem. This isn’t any good for poetry or novellas! Unless you’re doing some sort of sonnet!

Here are some I came up with.

A bird flies over,

Post-industrial wasteland.

Still chirps without care.

And another:

Heart pours crimson blood

Charitable collection

Pierced by a thorn.

Aaaand another:

Soy sauce icicle

Acrid salty vessel

Oh how I miss you!

And one more:

Little piggy, play

Do not mind me, my dear

Kick the last, sweet rose.

It’s fun to see what images you can build up with few words. You only end up using 10 words or so a time. It doesn’t even need to make sense.

I’ve written some more, forcing myself to get into the habit of writing consistently. I’ve taken to uploading some to AllPoetry against my girlfriend’s warning that the people there are quite vicious, and not in the helpful critiquing way…

Take a look if you like, heereeeee!

Until next time,