I am Danny. I’ve decided to change the style of my blog entirely and from here on in, I won’t sugarcoat my opinions for any minority, any sole cause, or for any anyone’s insecurities. Speaking out against injustice in any form is something I just do. I can’t stand to see people flock to terrible ideas and, basically, tyranny. So I will always speak out about it. For so long people supported me and my opinions, until I started questioning their own. It’s funny, that.

Bad ideas are bad ideas and we can speak out against them, we can criticise them. Ideas do not have rights. They never will.

Let’s set the record. I don’t care about popularity, or how to nurture a successful blog. I care about expressing myself and my feelings. I care about other people’s freedoms. I don’t respect authority that impedes humanity. I won’t censor or be censored but right now, ironically, the ones who claim they are censored most – are the ones who we hear the most because they shout over and censor the voices of alternative thinkers.

I love music, reading, writing, computers. I use Linux, I like to research and analyse, but analysing fiction, well kills it. I want to close my bank account. I want to get out of the system but I can’t, yet. I want to live far away in the woods, and live as my ancestors did: I want to reclaim my heritage, too, before it’s completely erased. That should also not be a problem, but it is for some.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congrats Dan, its high time you starting sharing your intuitive, sensitive and masterful prose to a wider audience. All the best, good luck, and excited to se where this could head.


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